Love Electronics have experience in designing circuit boards for a wide variety of products.

Schematic / Board Design Services

We have can help with simple projects such as delivering a custom breakout boards or development kits for manufacturers or resellers of small integrated circuits you wish to deliver to prospective customers who need a faster way of evaluating an IC without creating a board for this. To more advanced designs controlling various motors and sensors, providing control/reporting of these devices to cloud or on-premise based infrastructure.

The project consisted of hardware to communicate with the cloud for instructions and reporting, control of a powered water valve and reading of a water flow meter. An app was created for the end user of the application to control the device. The Particle IoT platform was used extensively to ensure an extremely rapid turnaround on the device prototype.

If your looking for an entire prototype design service please contact us, or for just circuit board design or review we offer this as a separate service.

Where we can help

  • Select components for price/performance.
  • Ensure component availability matches projected sales volume.
  • Design for Manufacture, meaning lower board and assembly costs.
  • Use the most modern tooling for rapid development and best practices.
  • Help select a board manufacturer matching the product requirements (controlled impedance, blind vias, cost sensitive).
  • Provide rapid turnaround with inhouse PCB assembly.
  • Navigate regulations around CE marking products.

Examples include:

  • Breakoutboard boards for development.
  • An IoT Application using Bluetooth 4.1 to control actuators and report connect to Samsung SmartThings ecosystem.
  • Development boards delivered to Microsoft Research lab, allowing use of the .NET Framework on low power ARM microcontrollers.
  • Boards for medium speed communication circuits such as DRAM.

Our speciality is in ARM microcontrollers, specifically the Cortex line of computers. Examples include the budget Cortex-M0 for tiny embedded sensors, to the more capable Cortex-M4 for their built in DSP capabilities. We recommend NXP microcontrollers for their reliability, price/performance and excellent documentation and support, along with high availability and long product lifetimes.

We have experience with various communication layers:

  • Wired:
    • Ethernet/TCPIP
    • USB
    • Serial/RS232
  • Wireless:
    • WiFi (802.11)
    • Bluetooth 4.1
    • Bluetooth 5 (higher range, lowerer power, mesh capabilities)
    • ZigBee
    • NFC
    • Cellular (GSM, 3G, 4G)
  • Fieldbus:
    • CAN
    • CANOpen
    • EtherCat