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Love Electronics can provide various levels of prototype hardware development (including firmware development) for companies looking to launch a product, but needing a helping hand to kick start the business.

Prototyping Products

Cost effective hardware, with appropriate physical assemblies can be created against aggressive development timescales.

Most recently we completed a prototype for a company launching a Internet of Things product. We delivered a remote (via mobile networks - GSM) way of disabling the main water feed to a property for landlords and home owners concerned about restricted access to the water stop valve or pipe breakages whilst on holiday.

The project consisted of hardware to communicate with the cloud for instructions and reporting, control of a powered water valve and reading of a water flow meter. An app was created for the end user of the application to control the device. The Particle IoT platform was used extensively to ensure an extremely rapid turnaround on the device prototype.

If your looking for an entire prototype design service please contact us, or for just circuit board design or review we offer this as a separate service.