CNC Machining

With a recent addition of our 3 axis vertical machining centre, we have the capabilities to produce one-off and batch production parts within our 1000mm x 500mm work area.

We can provide competitive pricing on one-off runs of parts or small batch production for companies or individuals based in the UK who prefer a quick turnaround and the quality one would expect from an on-shore supplier.

Advanced fixturing methods beyond the traditional vise, using vacuum tables, custom fixtures, MiTee Bite clamps, pallet systems etc. mean we can swap jobs quickly, maintaining efficiency in the factory to spend more time perfecting your part.

We provide the perfect stepping stone between 3D printing a prototype part, to gaining sales traction with parts built to perfection here the in the UK, before you take your product to a volume production company to produce thousands of parts.

Specialising in runs of between 1-200 parts gives us a clear focus on who would best benefit from our services.